Ford Mustang

Ford Mustang - The Car Revolution 60 years ago

On April 17, 1964, Ford presented in New York the car that forever changed the automotive landscape: the Ford Mustang. This car represented a breath of fresh air for a generation of young Americans from the baby boom, looking for adventure and freedom.
Ford Mustang Car Cover
The Ford Mustang was a symbol of freedom and lifestyle. With its elegant and sporty design, it captured the imagination of an entire generation. Featuring a 2.8L inline-6 ​​as standard, the Mustang also offered more powerful engine options, including a 4.3L V8 or an optional 4.7L.
This weekend, the Mustang Club de France is celebrating the 60th anniversary of this historic event at Futuroscope, near Poitiers. This is an opportunity for Ford Mustang enthusiasts and owners to come together and celebrate the impact of the Ford Mustang on automotive culture.
To protect these automotive treasures, My Roadster® offers protective covers suitable for the Ford Mustang. The My Roadster® Stretch™ L and My Roadster® Soft™ covers offer optimal protection to preserve the bodywork of these iconic cars.
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One of the hallmarks of the Ford Mustang was its ability to be customized to each owner's individual preferences. With a multitude of options available, from engine choice to interior and exterior finishes, each Mustang is unique.
Ford Mustang GT
The Ford Mustang is an iconic vehicle that continues to capture the imagination of automotive enthusiasts around the world. For those who own or aspire to own a Mustang, preserving their timeless beauty is essential. With My Roadster® car covers, you can protect your investment and continue to enjoy the legend of the Ford Mustang for years to come.
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