Vallée Porsche Zuffenhausen

Porsche Explorer - A thrilling journey!

Unveiling of Zuffenhausen
Porsche's main facilities are in Zuffenhausen, just outside Stuttgart. This place is incredible, it's a village with Porsche at its center. Porsche is linked to everything in Zuffenhausen.

Inside Porsche museum Zuffenhausen

Porsche is the heart, the lungs, the main organ of Zuffenhausen. This place is the birthplace of the roadster.

The assembly line experience
As an experienced project manager would tell you: planning is essential if you want to get the most out of everything that you do.

Porsche assembly plant bridge

And so I booked a tour of the assembly plant 6 months in advance, it's a must do activity, a bucket list item, or a thing to do before you die if you are that kind of passionate.
There are no photos in this section because when the German guide approaches you and welcomes you before the tour begins, the first instruction is to hand over your cell phone and any cameras you may have. The visits are reserved for your eyes and ears. And they are incredible!
First, they tell you the history of Zuffenhausen, the history of each building and what they are planning for the future as the world goes electric and Porsche follows the adaptation.

Then you're literally immersed in the factory buildings where the workers they call co-workers painstakingly assemble a proud owner's new Porsche that you'll see down the street in your neighborhood. They explain the manufacturing processes to you, without revealing the secrets of course. This is German engineering at its best, the attention to detail is at the highest level and each Porsche is bolted together bit by bit by hand and/or with the assistance of robots.
You get lots of information about parts such as brake calipers, colors, leathers, stitching, options and much more. Just from this visit, I know where my Boxster comes from and where my next Porsche will come from.
When you reach the end of your tour, amazed by what you just saw, you collect your cell phone and camera. In a way, I'd rather tell you to go see it for yourself than post pictures here.

Chronicles of Wonderland - The Porsche Museum

Inside Porsche museum Zuffenhausen
When you go up the escalators to enter the museum, the first visible object presented to you is one of the very first vehicles manufactured by F. Porsche in 1898, it's an electric one! Who knew?
The wonders of the museum all have a story. Here are some of the jewels:

Porsche 718 RS 60 Spyder from 1960

Porsche 718 RS 60 Spyder from 1960


Concept of the Porsche Boxster from 1993

Concept of the Porsche Boxster from 1993


Porsche 968 Roadster

Porsche 968 Roadster

Café Siegle 711: an insider's view
When I travel, I always prefer to mingle with locals rather than tourists like me. So if you visit the museum, I suggest you have lunch at the Siegle 711 Café which is located a few steps from the museum. Here you can meet Porsche employees outside of work coming to have lunch. It must be so cool to use a Porsche 911 to go eat a sandwich right outside the factory!

Porsche rental with Driven By Dreams 
Don't leave Zuffenhausen with regrets, so book your 24-hour Porsche rental in advance with the "Driven by Dreams" service. You can get a car at the museum or at the flagship store in central Stuttgart. Take a seat behind the wheel with a smile in one of the latest Porsche models from €349, drive to one of the highways and enjoy the roar of the engine. The Porsche is yours for 24 hours!

Porsche rentals Driven by Dreams

Saving the Thrills: The Sanctuary of a Roadster
It was an exciting experience within an incredible ecosystem. Even if a transition is made to the future with electrification, it is also important to preserve the past in intact conditions. Protect your car because it is a unique masterpiece.

Porsche 911 Carrera 4S

It was an unforgettable experience. Owning a car like this is one thing, traveling through the history of such an iconic brand is incredible.
Let me know your vision and your own adventures with Porsche history, share photos of your roadsters with us on Facebook and Instagram.

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