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The beauty of a real roadster

A roadster is not just a car...

Owning a roadster or a convertible comes with the joy of the open road and you know what I mean, especially when cruising in classics like the Mazda MX-5, the BMW Z4, a Boxster, a Ferrari or the iconic Alpine.

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Maintaining that pristine allure in all seasons can be a challenge. From the anxious moments at the carwash to the silent prayers against scratches, the journey is real. Here are the car wash options that I have learned over the years. Choose wisely…

Porsche Carrera 4

Automatic Tunnel Car Washes?

Despite their convenience, these tunnels can be a paint-scratching nightmare.

Learn from my mistakes on my old Ford, and avoid the relentless damage.

The so-called "soft brush" is a trap, a marketing trick, and a lie; the brushes are used on thousands of cars yearly and they will leave your car clean but with micro scratches.

I do not recommend this method, especially if your car has Paint Protection Film (PPF) or if you like perfection. 


Professional Hand Wash?

Choose wisely; not all "professional" hand wash are equal!

Check if they use clean cloths, as dirty ones will simply spread the filth  all over the paint of your car.

Check on the shelves too, how many products do they have? as they must have plenty for each specific part of your car, and each car.

Professional car wash centre

Beware of the one-size-fits-all approach with a few sprays and a few cloths. and an unbeatable price.


Do-It-Yourself Car Wash?

It is a good option for the ones who have time, courage and strength. I once lost a bet and had to use this to wash my friend's Mazda, the only time I washed somebody else's!

However, and still, avoid using the brush provided; it's best to wash without it.

Drive home, use a car dryer to blow water away, and use a clean micro fiber cloth to finish.

Touchless Car Wash?

A new option in several countries using powerful jets to wash and rinse the car. I haven't seen these yet in my area though.

Drying may require clean cloths, and sections may need finishing where jets didn't reach.

A good lazy alternative if you prefer not to wash it yourself but again, I repeat clean cloths needed at the end.

Ultimately, to preserve your car, patience is Key

Rushing the cleaning process, whether with a professional or DIY, is a sin.

Car detailing centre

Meticulous detailing and using high quality products are essential for your roadster.


Consider using the techniques of detailing or entrust your car to a reputable detailer. It’s the best price to pay to preserve your beauty.

Porsche GTS Detailing

If you do use a detailer, make sure that it doesn’t rain on the day you need to pick up your car and then lock the car away in your garage.

Yet, the garage poses new threats with the dust, the bicycles, people, bags and everything that comes and goes around the roadster. That is how www.MY-ROADSTER.com was born - a brand of premium car covers for enthusiasts like you and me. Our elastic and double lined covers, for indoor or outdoor use, offer you the best protection against dust and scratches in all seasons and in all weather conditions. Their protective elasticity allows a perfect fit with a luxury look. They are tailor-made for roadsters, convertibles and sporty 2-seaters.

We couldn't find on the market a brand of car covers with our DNA, so we decided to create it ourselves. Our light-weight covers shield your car against scratches and improve it's preservation and value.


Ok, I am going to be honest, there are of course moments when the cover stays off just a little longer because, after all, who can resist admiring the beauty of the car before the stretch of the cover completes the picture?


My Roadster Cover has started to offer custom-made covers for roadsters and sporty 2-seaters, we will then expand towards medium and SUV cars. We will also sell covers for “other roadsters” such as road bikes and motorbikes, and accessories that we love and want to share.

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This the second of many blogs to come, since you have read it all, we ask you to like, share, follow us, and take care of your car during the winter by keeping it clean under our covers. You can also comment to share your tips on this subject.

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Housse de voiture - My Roadster Cover

Whether you own an iconic Porsche, an Alpine, a Ferrari, the Mazda MX-5 or any other small to medium-sized roadster, and if you want to treat yourself, or a loved one, take advantage of this offer


A roadster is not just a car... it is a statement, a work of art, and it deserves nothing less than perfection.

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