Data Sheets of our Car Protection Covers

Fabric Polyester 160 g/m² Polyester 180 g/m² 2x Polyester + Film TPU
Scratch protection
Dust protection
Sac de rangement
Winter protection
Indoor Protection
Luxury look
Showroom / Car Professional
Elastic fabric
Adapts to the contour of the car
Stretches on the car
Soft fleece
Number of layers 1 2 3
Protection against
Underbody strap
Hail protection
Protection against rain and splashes
Protection under the trees
Protection against bird droppings
Outdoor protection 
Sun protection (anti-UV)


Car Protection Covers

Car protection covers combine style and durability, providing optimal protection inside a garage or outdoors. They are compatible with a variety of car models. Our covers guarantee the preservation of your car against dust, scratches and the vagaries of the weather.

Whether you own a Porsche, Jaguar, Mercedes, Mazda, or any other automobile model, our products have been designed to protect your car. Each product embodies quality.

Housse Soft sur Porsche 911

The Stretch™ indoor protective cover offers high-quality protection with its 180 g/m² fabric against scratches and dust indoors. It is ideal for winter storage or prolonged storage in a garage.

Housse Stretch Interieur sur Porsche 911

The exterior cover is robust and has 3 layers, allowing you to better protect your car outside against the elements of the climate: UV rays, cold, frost, rain and hail.