Partnership My Roadster® & King Cleaner


We are delighted to announce the partnership between My Roadster Cover and King Cleaner , two companies born from a shared passion for automobiles.

King Cleaner , founded with the aim of bringing together automobile enthusiasts around strong friendship and trust, is committed to offering you unparalleled quality service. Each team member plays a crucial role, implementing their specific skills and knowledge to make your experience unique.

At My Roadster Cover , our meticulous selection of products is a reflection of our DNA, created with the specific needs of car, roadster, bike owners and nature lovers in mind. Sharing your passion, we strive to offer high quality items that meet your expectations.

Joining forces, we are proud to contribute to the preservation and protection of your cars. Your satisfaction remains our top priority.

My Roadster® embodies the passion of lovers of the road and the outdoors, and this partnership with King Cleaner reinforces our commitment to luxury, excellence, and accessibility. We are delighted to share this passion with you and offer you an even more exceptional experience through this exceptional partnership.


Our products are available in Ile-de-France from the Porsche specialist Technic Auto Sport in Chelles.